Opendatabio-INPA - Amazonian Biodiversity Data

Biodiversity and ecological data repository - data management, curation and distribution
  Development Installation
This installation is for development and testing purposes only. Data are not valid or are fake. You may register by yourself to gain greater access. However, to be able to create and edit records, you will need to be a full user and someone needs to grant you that access. If you arrived here without an invitation and you whish to test the software, register and send a message to requesting fulluser status with subject "TEST OpenDataBio-INPA"


Biological Collections managed by this repository

API Service

This installation provides an Application Programming Interface to get and import data programmatically
To get open-public data you just need to use an URL to access Json formatted data. To import and get non-public data, you need to register to get your api_token
Click for Json example