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Batch identify      
Assign the same identification to several individuals. Select the Individuals, enter the identification and register. It will post a job in your job list

Request BioCollection action for selected individuals      
This installation manages data for some BioCollections, which constrain the creation of Vouchers for them, and restrict the edition of the records for the Individuals having a Voucher for them. Below, you may request curators (1) to register a voucher for selected individuals, which must be on a open access dataset (Privacies Public or Registered Users Only), and (2), to update the selected Individual records, like their identification or new location. Measurements and Media files for such Individuals are not affected by this restriction and have their own Dataset access control options.
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Registered Individuals   
List of Individuals registered in the database and accessible by you. Individuals are records of occurrence of organisms and can represent individuals monitored over time (e.g. a plant in a plot, a banded bird) or single point observations. Access to records may depend on the Dataset privacy. Login to download data!

IDIDIndividualIdentificationLocationDateMeasurementsVoucherDatasetTagCollector and numberCollectors