OpenDataBio Documentation

{primary} This space is reserved for administrators to define custom documentation and directives for users of a specific an OpenDataBio installation. For example, this is a space to add a code of conduct for users, who to contact to become a full user, etc..

The OpenDataBio site contains the software documentation where you may find help in using and installing OpenDataBio.

To customize the installation docs:

  1. This docs are rendered using the laravel LaRecipe package
  2. Files are save in resources/docs/{lang} and may be multilingual
  3. You may create as many markdown files *.md and create an index for them.
  4. Checkout the LaRecipe package for more information on how to customize the markdown files.

Test the API

If you are a logged user you will see below a tester for this installation GET API.

{warning} Must be logged to use the API tester!